Did You Know?

  • 33% of the U.S. population is age 50 and above
  • This is projected to increase 10,000 per day through 2030
  • 26% of the Greenville population is age 50 and above
  • Greenville is one of the top 5 cities to live and retire

Serving Seniors Is Our Specialty

The Seniors Services Division of Berkshire Hathaway C. Dan Joyner REALTORS was created to serve the growing needs of our Senior Citizens- real estate  and other services as they prepare for their future lifestyle.

Seniors Are Unique- They have special needs regarding their home,their lifestyle, their health, family, finances and companionship----and the market is growing rapidly.

Our Seniors Services Division is Unique- Recognizing the needs of Seniors, we offer services in two distinct ways....

  • Our Primary Objective is to help Seniors decide whether to remain in their home or relocate to another home. Our Staff has been specially trained to help Seniors make this decision.
  • Our Secondary Objective is to insure that Seniors have access to other Professional Services they may need. Therefore, we have teamed with a variety of Professional partners also trained to serve Seniors.

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